Emperor Tamarin



Scientific name: Saguinus imperator

Conservation status:leastconcern

Life expectancy: 15-20 in the wild

Gestation period: 140-145 days


Lifestyle and Location:

  • There are 2 subspecies of emperor tamarins, the bearded emperor tamarin which lives  in the rainforests of Brazil and Peru. The black-chinned emperor tamarin (with no beard) lives in the rainforests of Brazil, Peru and Bolivia. (The picture at the top is of a bearded emperor tamarin because of its distinct beard)
  • They live in groups of 2-8 individuals but has been recorded that the groups have been seen with up to 18 members.


The tamarin’s fur is predominantly grey with tiny yellow speckles on its chest. they have a brown tail and black hands and feet. And of course, as you can see by the picture, it has a wonderful long, white moustache which extends past their shoulders. It will reach a size of 23cm-26cm and a 35cm-41.5cm tail. and only weighs about 500 grams.


Joss‘s Facts

  • The emperor tamarin got its name because it looked like German Emperor Wilhelm II.
  • The elderly female is the leader of each troop of between 2 and 8 individuals.
  • They have claws on each toe and finger, apart from one which has a nail, they use the claws for climbing trees and the nail for grooming.