Wied’s Marmoset


Scientific name: Callithrix kuhlii

Conservation status: Near threatened

Life expectancy: Around 12 years in the wild

Gestation period: 135 days

Lifestyle and Location:

  • These new world monkeys live in tropical rainforests of eastern Brazil.
  • They have around 4 or 5 females and 2 or 3 males per group and their offspring, unlike other marmosets who only have one male, one female and their offspring.
  • Their diet consists of mostly sap but also fruit, nectar, seeds, flowers and also insects and spiders.


They are predominantly black but has white markings on both cheeks and forehead, their tails are banded (ringed) and they have black tufts coming from their ears. They can be up to 21 cm with a 25 cm tail and weigh between 350-400g.


Joss‘s Facts

  • Only the dominant female is allowed to mate.
  • Their main predators are birds of prey (hawks and eagles), snakes and felines (jaguars and ocelots) 
  • They travel with golden-headed lion tamarins which forages in the canopy as the marmosets get food on the lower sections of the trees.