Rhesus Macaque



Scientific name: Macaca mulatta

Conservation status:leastconcern

Life expectancy: 25 years

Gestation period: 164 days


Lifestyle and Location:

  • This is an old world monkey native to south, central and south-east Asia, they are known to live close to human settlements but are also found in grasslands, arid and forested areas.
  • They tend to have larger groups when living in human inhabited areas then when they live in more rural areas.
  • They are herbivorous, mainly eating fruit, but also eating seeds, roots, buds, bark and cereal.


These monkeys are grey or brown in colour with a pale pink face. The average male  is 53 cm and weighs around 7.7 kg but the female is a bit smaller and averages 47 cm and weighs about 5.3 kg. They range in colour from a dusty brown to an auburn like colour and their backsides and face are the same pinkish hue.

 Joss‘s Facts

  • They have the widest geographic range of all the non-human primates.
  • They are known to swim at only a few days old and adults are known to swim over half a mile between islands.
  • They are known to have groups of up to 80!
  • These monkeys are very commonly used for doing tests on so we can learn more about how their minds work.