Conservation status: Vulnerable

Life expectancy:  16 years

Gestation period: 157-163 days


Lifestyle and Location:

  • some of these primates are solitary like the Philippine tarsier and the western tarsiers but some like the Sulawesi  tarsiers live in small family groups.
  • They depend on their mother for the first 2 months and become sexually mature after 2 years.
  • Tarsiers have adapted to become nocturnal due to there being less competition for food in the night and easier prey to catch.


All species share large eyes, large ears and a long tail. They average 9-15cm with a tail that is an additional 20-25 cm long and weigh around 57.5-153 g. They have very long fingers and their third finger is almost as long as their upper arm. They use their second and third toes to groom because they have claws on those toes and all their other toes and fingers have nails. They are beige in colour but the darkness or lightness of their coat depends on the species.

Joss‘s Facts

  • Tarsiers are the only completely carnivorous primates on earth.
  • Their eyes are the largest compared to their body from mammals. They are as big as their entire brain and are so big for them that the can not move in their sockets and as a result have to move their whole head when they look around.
  • They can jump up to 40 times their own body length!
  • They can rotate their head a full 180 degrees.