Silvery Marmoset

Scientific name: Micro argentatus

Conservation status:leastconcern

Life expectancy: 8-12 years in the wild

Gestation period: 145 days


Lifestyle and Location:

  • The Silvery marmoset is native to Brazil in the Amazon Rainforest.
  • Their diet consists of mainly tree sap, however, they also eat bird eggs, fruit, insects and small vertebrates, such as birds, frogs and lizards.
  • They use their claws to climb trees and have a nail that they use for grooming.


The silvery marmosets fur is a whitish silvery-grey apart from their tail which is dark. They are easily defined by their ears which are flesh coloured and stick out the side of their heads. They range from being 18-28 cm with a 30cm tail and weigh between 300 and 400 grams.


Joss‘s Facts

  • They are considered fully independent and grown-up after 2 years of being born.
  • Often called ‘bare ear marmoset’ because of their flesh coloured ears or ‘black tail marmoset’ because of their dark tail.
  • A lot of silvery marmosets can go their whole life without going down to the ground.
  • They are also known to wiggle their eyebrows and smack their lips together when they feel threatened attempting to scare it away.